Successful alliances are critical to the Institute's strategy. We work hard to be recognized as a premier cardiovascular partner by consistently creating value for our varied alliances and for the Institute.

GW’s McCormick Genomics Center

We have aligned with The George Washington University’s McCormick Genomics Center to avail the Institute of world-leading talents in the area of genomics and protenomics. Our partnership affords the Institute to be one of a small handful of institutes to put a major focus on cardiovascular genomics.

GW’s School of Public Health and Health Services

Through close working relationships the Institute leverages The George Washington University’s nationally known health policy experts to raise complex policy issues that arise from clinical decision-making and to put forth thoughtful solutions.

The Larry King Cardiac Foundation

The Larry King Cardiac Foundation was established in 1988 to provide funding for life-saving treatment for individuals who, due to limited means or no insurance, would otherwise be unable to receive the treatment and care they so desperately need. The Foundation works in conjunction with hospitals throughout the nation to ensure that such patients receive proper medical attention. The George Washington University Hospital is proud to be one of those hospitals providing needed surgeries.

One Economy

One Economy is a multi-national nonprofit organization that brings broadband to the homes of low-income people and provides a multilingual web portal. In their mission to maximize the potential of technology to help low- income people improve their lives, we have found a partner who helps empower the underserved to better manage their heart health.

Personalized Medicine Coalition

The Institute is pleased to be a member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), an independent, non-profit group that works to advance the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine for the ultimate benefit of patients. Its diverse members work together to educate opinion leaders and the public about the issues that will shape how personalized medicine develops — and how quickly people can benefit from it.

Unity Health Care, Inc.

Unity Health Care serves individuals and families in all eight Wards of the District of Columbia through its network of medical and social services that reach homeless and residents.  Our alliance affords the Institute efficient means to reach out to the medically underserved populations in our community.