Joseph M. Giordano, MD


Joseph M. Giordano, MD

Joseph Giordano, MD is professor of Surgery and chairman of the Department of Surgery at The George Washington University Medical Center. His special clinical interest is vascular disease, to include surgery for carotid artery disease, lower extremity circulation, abdominal aortic aneurysms, and venous disease.

Dr. Giordano received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown in 1963 and his doctorate in Medicine from Jefferson Medical College in 1967. Dr. Giordano spent six years at The George Washington University Medical Center completing his surgical residency in 1973. From 1973-1976, he performed basic science research at the Walter Reed Army Institute for Research. In 1976 he joined the staff at The George Washington University Medical Center.

He has been active in a number of organizations, particularly vascular societies, and has been president of three different organizations. He has written numerous articles published in peer review journals, chapters in standard textbooks, and given scientific presentations to many professional organizations (mostly in vascular disease).

Dr. Giordano was founder and director of the Trauma Team at The George Washington Medical Center that saved President Ronald Reagan’s life following his assassination attempt in 1981. Dr. Giordano is widely credited with that effort and has received many commendations and acknowledgements of that historic moment.

He has stayed at George Washington for his entire career, having risen through the ranks over the years. In 1992 he was appointed chairman of the Department of Surgery, and appointment he holds at this time.