Empowering Patients with the Internet

Another example of the Institutes cutting-edge approach to personalized medicine is demonstrated in its partnership with One Economy, a multi-national nonprofit organization that brings broadband Web access to homes of low-income people.

Together the Institute and One Economy will partner to create a 21st century health information resource for the residents of Washington, DC with the potential for national and international expansion. Currently, far too many low-income residents have poor health outcomes because of barriers, such as lack of healthcare, health literacy problems and economic constraints. Our vision is to use digital technology to create resources that support the health needs and interests of low-income Washingtonians. Our goals for this innovative initiative are to:

Improve health outcomes for low-income Washington, D.C. residents by providing them with the resources to take greater control of their health and healthcare.

Create an effective, efficient and replicable model for improving health outcomes for low-income individuals through the use of digital technology.

To achieve these goals we will launch an online destination that serves as a health information resource.  We will create an interactive Internet-based patient-directed disease management program that will include a “virtual health coach” tool that focuses on at least two major chronic diseases – hypertension and diabetes.